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Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
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What you should know about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is a nose reshaping procedure which includes a changing of the nose shape in order to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the entire face or revising any deformity of nose. Rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery is commonly known as the nose job and is a standout amongst the most loved corrective surgeries favored by both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. 

Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose. It can make the nose look larger or smaller; change the edge of the nose in connection to the upper lip; modify the tip of the nose; or correcting hump nose, making broad nose more shapely or flat nose more sharp.

Why Rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty enhances facial congruity and the extents of your facial features. It can likewise remedy impeded breathing brought about by auxiliary deformities in the nose 

 Rhinoplasty can change nose size in relation to facial balance

It can change width,  size and position of the nostrils

Nose profile with visible humps or depressions on the bridge

 It can change the shape of the tip of the nose that might be hanging, bulbous, hooked or upturned

 It can change the shape of the nostrils that are wide, substantial or upturned.

 Correct Nasal asymmetry

Rhinoplasty Procedure:

Rhinoplasty should be done in authorized hospital setting. Your plastic cosmetic surgeon  will utilize local or general anesthesia. It´s a straightforward methodology, you´ll receive local anesthesia to your nose, which will likewise numb your face. With general anesthesia, you’ll inhale a drug that will make you unconscious.

Internal (from inside the nasal cavity) or external surgical methodology might be used. During surgery, doctor isolates your skin from your cartilage or bone and then start the reshaping. In the event that your new nose needs a small amount of extra cartilage, it may be taken from ear or implants may be used for that.

What to Expect After a Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery:

The face and areas around the eyes and nose will be slightly puffy and swollen for some days

It will take around 2 weeks for the swelling to subside and wound to improve.

One may encounter a dull headache for a short span after the surgery

Because of the internal swelling in the nose, you may encounter some congestion till the swelling goes down

Patients who experience the ill effects of significant breathing issues can encounter recognizable improvement after the surgery.

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