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Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
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Facelift Surgery in India

Facelift is a surgical process that aids in improving the signs of aging that can be seen on the face and neck of a person. These signs of aging could include creases below the lower eyelids, loose and sagging skin, creases at the corner of the mouth and loss of skin tone. In addition to advanced age, these signs could also occur due to environmental conditions, stress, heredity or even gravity.

With the emphasis now being on a youthful appearance, Facelift Surgery in India is a growing field and is much in demand.

How are facelifts performed?

Facelift surgery is normally performed with the use of anaesthesia. Whether the anaesthesia used is local through intravenous sedation or a general anaesthesia would depend on the process being performed or as advised by the plastic surgeon performing the operation.

The incision made would depend upon the type of facelift you choose. There are three types of facelifts that one can choose from a traditional facelift begins in the hairline at the temples. It is generally used to remove excess fat and trim excess skin. A limited incision facelift involves shorter incisions and are generally used for lifts near the lower eyelids or the upper lip. A neck lift is used to correct sagging skin under the jaw or neck.

Once properly healed the incisions and cuts made are usually hidden within the hairline and the contours of the face.

Recovery after a facelift

After the facelift process a sterilized bandage might be placed on the face to reduce swelling and bruising that is caused during the procedure. The result of the facelift can be seen and appreciated only after all swelling and bruising has healed. Some thin tubes might be placed under the skin of the patient to drain off or collect any excess blood or fluid after the procedure.

The doctor or plastic surgeon would give the patient instructions and information on how to care for the wounds and pipes. He might prescribe any medications that need to be applied to contain infections or any drugs or pills that should be taken orally to help with the healing process. It is important that the patient makes a note of all this information. In case of any query or doubts please confirm or check with the doctor concerned.

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