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Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
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Tattoo Removal

Breast Tightening & Mastopexy

A breast lift also called mastopexy, raises and firms the breasts by removing abundance skin and tightening the encompassing tissue to reshape and bolster the new breast contour. Loss of skin flexibility, gravity, and different variables can be the reason, however, weight reduction, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can also influence breast shape and size. Breast lifting or tightening surgery for a breast lift makes them to raised and firm, by bringing about a more youthful breast form. Mastopexy along with breast implants help you to have a more youthful breast shape and volume.

Women suffer the ill effects of feeling of inadequacy & feel low self esteem in public places. Mastopexy makes breast tight, reshapes and alters it to the chest wall. A failure rate of this method is rare. Breast sagging is because of laxity of breast tendon, less glandular tissue and loose skin envelope. Breast tightening surgery addresses these variables.

What is breast uplift surgery?

Mastopexy lifts and reshapes your breasts through the expulsion of skin from underneath the breast or from around the areola (the darker skin surrounding your areola). The rest of the skin is then tightened and your surgeon will likewise re-position your areolas to sit higher on the breast to finish the procedure. This technique is done under general anesthesia with one-day-stay overnight. 

When should I consider a Breast Lift?

What Causes Droopy, Sagging Breasts?

All female breast tissue tends to droop or extend and lose versatility, after some time. Different parts of the body may likewise drop and sag; however, numerous women notice drooping breast tissue first as it is the first sign of feminity.

Numerous elements can add to the sagging or drooping of women’s breasts; these progressions and the level of breast Ptosis (sagging of the breasts) can come about because of the following:

Side effects, risks and complications

As you know with any surgical procedure there are some risks associated which will be disclosed to you before you choose to proceed with your mastopexy.

Complications are same as with any breast surgery like infection, wound break, hypertrophic scar, modified sensation etc.

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